This site continues to provide Parents in depth information on the education centre for children and young adults with special educational needs.


We offer a rich and stimulating curriculum, which is individually tailored reflecting good practice in an environment that supports the pupils’ learning. The school offers a range of sensory and therapeutic interventions and a unique approach to pupil needs. There is a strong focus on maintaining good relationships between home and school. We encourage respect for others, good manners and tolerance.


Our education centre includes: Kindergarten, Primary School, Vocational School, School Adopting to Work and Dormitory. We offer 24-hour care for students from distant places.


We take care of children and young adults who:

- are mentally disapled

- are affected by Autism and Asperger’s syndrome

- experience or are affected by behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and disorders

- are affected by a range of speech, language and communication difficulties


Some of the classes we provide: Polish, English, maths, history, rehabilitation, classes developing creativity, classes developing communicativeness, physical education, classes with speech therapist, sensory integration, art, classes with psychologists, computer classes.


To start learning in our education centre it is necessery to hold a certificate of dissability. 


Principal - Miss Barbara Grądkowska


Address: Slaska 45A 22-400 Zamosc, Poland

Phone number: +48 846392525

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